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Cassette Art


 Museum Glass: Special glass used for the frame of this Artwork.Hardly any reflexion on the class 


Picture from Recycled material 70cm x 50 cm 


800,00 €

Acrylic on Canvas

Emotions 70cm x 100cm


750,00 €

Acrylic on Canvas

Storm 70cm x 50cm


500,00 €

600,00 €

Museum Glass: Special glass used for these type of artworks.Hardly any reflexion on the class.


Recycled art



This artwork made from unused materials.



We can easily call this work "Casset Art" Because of intire work made from the band of a tape cassette.



Portrait of Beethovens comes out of a cassette.The band comes out of the cassette creates Beethovens portrait and goes back into the cassette again. And don't forget to look at the name of the artist at the right-hand bottom of the picture. It is also the part of the subject.